Editorial Services:

I offer a variety of professional editorial services ranging from manuscript reviews of literary novels to line editing brochures and web-based works. From the larger questions of structure and story arc to the smaller details and mechanics of word choice and consistency, I have the expertise to polish all of your literary endeavors.

Project Development/Coaching:

Whether you are starting a business, developing a skill portfolio for the new economy, or planning a multitiered artistic or commercial enterprise, I am passionate about helping you reach your project goals. I believe the best way to support positive change in the world is to help people develop, plan, execute, and present their projects both gracefully and efficiently. This belief underpins my understanding that in order to create without burning out and to connect with clarity and purpose, we need to collaborate with people who stand outside of our projects and are new to our vision, let that be me. We all need thoughtful support and fresh perspectives to enrich our artistic or commercial vision.

Online Dating Profile Support:

I want to help you lead with your best foot forward in the new dating world. I believe in the power of confidence and I see the pressure that the online dating world has placed on making a good first impression. I have also seen firsthand how this can simply cut some eligible singles out of the dating scene, leaving them hopelessly lingering in the produce aisle or at the dog park hoping to find a connection. Not that I think that this is impossible, or somehow less than ideal, because I am all for human connection, but I also see how much wider your net can be with the help of a keen pair of eyes. My goal is never to change you only to help you curate the best images of yourself and to couple that with your most attractive and authentic personality traits, your likes and dislikes, and desires for your future.