Julia Caceres

I hold a BA (Hons.) from the University of British Columbia with a major in History and a minor in Creative Writing. I have taught creative writing classes in schools as the Writer in Residence for school district eight in 2014 and as a contractor. I was an intern at Mint Literary Agency in my home town of Nelson, B.C., from 2014-15. I currently reside in the Village of Slocan, on the mouth of the Slocan Lake, where I edit from home as much as possible.

Growing up in the lush mountains of B.C.’s southern interior, I developed a deep love for the wild at a very young age. I spend my winters in the mountains and my summers on the lake or in the river. I am passionate about the environment and the power of human potential. I believe in the ability of language to change the world and to bring us together. I see my job as my opportunity to amplify messages of hope and to give courage and inspiration to those working to present their vision to the world. I see every instance of communication as salient. I see every word choice as significant.